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  • What are my benefits as a Triple-X VIP Member? Access to exclusive VIP branded apparel. First option to purchase newly released Triple-X gear at promotional pricing. First option to view the latest Triple-X videos with no ads. Monthly featured products from our partners at heavily discounted prices. Monthly giveaways for an array of nice prizes. Free admission at the gate of Triple-X events with presentation of your Triple-X VIP card. Free concessions at Triple-X events with presentation of your Triple-X VIP card.
  • What are my VIP points and how does this increase my chances of winning monthly prizes? For each dollar spent, 1 point is accrued to your member account. These preference points translate to an additional entry to win the monthly VIP member prize. A purchase of $30 would translate to 30 additional chances to win each giveaway.
  • Do my preference points accrue indefinitely, or will they be purged after each giveaway? Preference points accrue indefinitely and will increase your odds for each subsequent giveaway. Exceptions would include special edition giveaways where specific item purchases are required for a select item being offered as the featured prize.
  • What are double points periods? During certain announced periods, double points will accrue for each $1 spent (i.e. $30 = 60 points)
  • How will I be notified of all my benefits? A daily/weekly/monthly newsletter will be distributed containing a periodic assessment of the latest information you, as a Triple-X VIP, will need to know in order to stay up-to-date.
  • When will giveaways be held? Drawings will be held the 1st day of the following month. Winners will be notified by email accordingly.
  • How will I claim my prize?       Distribution of prizes will be according to winner circumstance and scope of the prize. In certain circumstances, the winner may be responsible for shipping or pickup of their prize.
  • How often am I eligible to win the monthly giveaway?  Once a VIP has won the monthly grand prize, they are once again eligible for the monthly grand prize giveaway after a period of 4 months.
  • Will I have the option to cancel my VIP subscription?       After fulfilling your initial 6 month term, you have the option to send a formal cancellation email stating your wishes of departure. Cancellation prior to fulfilling your initial 6 month commitment will result in a $50 early termination fee.
  • As a VIP Member, for Grand Prize giveaways, will I be required to purchase items in order to be entered? No. As a VIP member, you are entered in every Grand Prize giveaway that becomes available. You will however have the option to purchase additional items within each specific giveaway to increase your odds at winning each Grand Prize.
As a Triple-X VIP member, you are bound by the following agreement: By agreeing to the terms, you acknowledge a $19.99 draft will occur monthly on the account you define upon sign-up. A minimum of 6 month commitment to the VIP subscription is required. Termination prior to maturity of terms will result in a $50 early termination charge. All incentives, whether product or media based, are exclusive only to VIP members. Sharing or redistributing content or promotional offerings to non-VIP members is strictly prohibited. Any recirculation of VIP exclusive offerings violates your terms as a VIP member and may lead to termination.