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Many of you have seen the high profile diesel rigs come across the Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors channel over the years. With the growing popularity of the coal rolling community, we've taken the Triple-X brand and developed a diesel exclusive community known as Diesel Nation. We can now bring the level of action you've come to know and expect from the Triple-X brand, with exclusively what you, the diesel enthusiast wants to see. Join us as we LET THE COAL ROLL!

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  • Apr
    Trucks Gone Wild - Louisiana Mudfest, Colfax

    12220 Highway 8 Colfax, Louisiana

  • May
    Carter's Off-Road Park - Bryant

  • May
    Southern Mud Outlaws - (Batesville, MS)

    Lake Susie Dirt Track

  • May
    Kaufman County Mud Bog (Wills Point, TX)

    3451 CR 120 Wills Point, Texas